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Basket Caravan's "Tips for Business Gift Giving"

Throughout the year you have worked to develop strong business relationships. The holiday season offers an appropriate time for saying thank you and enhancing these relationships.

Holiday gift giving has become a tradition in the business world. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of such a gesture. A seasonal "thank you" gift can convey goodwill as well as acknowledge and express your appreciation to clients, customers and associates. Handled appropriately, the impact for your business can be very beneficial.

  1. Gift giving should be done only if you currently do business with the organization. Sending a gift when you are in the bidding process, or in negotiations on a contract may be misinterpreted as bribery or an attempt to gain inappropriate influence.

  2. Your relationship with the recipient should play an important part in the gift giving decision. If your client is distant or not particularly friendly, do not assume the gift will strengthen the relationship.

  3. Avoid alcohol unless you know the recipient on a close personal basis. Many people have religious and/or personal issues with alcohol.

  4. If you have contact with many people in the company, consider sending a gift suitable for sharing within an office setting. A food basket or other gourmet food gift is appropriate. Make certain the items do not require preparation, are non-perishable, and are securely packaged if shipment is required.

  5. If the gift is for an individual, try to tailor the gift to the individual's hobbies or interests. Make certain the gift cannot in any way be misconstrued as "too personal", especially across gender lines.

  6. Keep logo on gift items small & discreet so as not to appear as an advertisement. Do not put a logo on a gift if you want to create the impression that the gift is coming from you personally.

  7. When possible, personal or messenger delivery is preferable. When this is not practical, make certain that gifts are accompanied by a brief, personalized, handwritten note or signature.

  8. Make your gift stand out from the rest by sending it as a Thanksgiving or New Year's gift.

    • Thanksgiving: Yours will be the first gift to arrive, Thanksgiving has no religious connotations, and what better time to say "Thank You."

      New Year's: After all the excitement and partying has ended, and everyone is back to work, your gift, with a note wishing "A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!" will be a nice surprise.
  9. Check the corporate policy. Large companies may have a no gift policy. Phone the Personnel Dept. of a company for their guidelines.

  10. If you have any concerns about the appropriateness of giving a gift, or how it might be construed, reconsider. Choose a beautiful card and write a personal note. Send a donation to charity. Always guard against even the appearance of impropriety. It can only hurt a business relationship...it will never help.

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